We always keep our fees transparent so you aren't surprised by the costs at any time, we will always provide a written estimate. This section explains some of these costs.

Local search fees

On purchases and re-mortgages the cost of the local search is determined by the local authority for the area where the property is situated. The charges vary. Sometimes additional questions may be required that will increase the set fee. In addition searches with the water authority, environmental and specialist mining searches are undertaken as well dependent on where the property is situated. Searches are filed on-line using Conveyancing Data Services or Searches UK. Due to changes in the search forms in July 2016 response times vary  but are usually within 10 to 12 working days.   We are estimating between £350.00 and £450.00 and more if the property is in certain London Boroughs for the usual searches at present  Very often on remortgages a search insurance policy is used which represents a significant saving.

Other search fees

Land registry search fees vary from but are currently £3.00 per download  of the title/plan  and £12.00 for a copy of a lease. It is not always possible to accurately estimate what additional. fees may be payable until the title is seen. For ease of administration we charge a composite fee for Land Registry Direct Services,

A fee is payable to the Land Registry to register the title after completion. The level of fees vary from time -  in accordance with the latest fee orders from the registry. If buying a leasehold property with a new lease an additional fee may be payable.

Stamp Duty

This is a tax payable to the government based on the purchase price of the property. It is only payable if you are buying. Contact us for an estimate of the likely tax as it now varies dependent on how many properties you might already own.


Occasionally additional charges may arise, such as landlord's solicitors fees for receiving notice of the transfer of a lease and providing a compliance certificate to deal with any restriction in the lease or title  our aim is to keep you informed of likely charges over and above our written estimate, where practical.