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Lewes Smith are specialist Solicitors and Property Lawyers in Lewes, East Sussex.

We act for clients from all over the world who wish to buy and sell residential and commercial property in England and Wales.


Very often conveyancing is seen as simply shuffling papers which takes far too long without any coherent mechanism for bringing matter to a conclusion.Sometimes there does seem to be little activity but this is largely because documents are being provided scrutinised and questioned and this goes on behind the scenes.

Buying your property is probably the biggest financial transaction you will make and therefore it should be treated with care and competence. For example in the last year we saved clients from making these mistakes which, if not spotted might have led to difficulties when they came to sell.

A strip of land fronting the property over which the owners had to pass not registered at the Land Registry with no rights over it,

A 1.9M house registered at the Land Registry with a large garden that was not registered and without any title deeds.

A freehold property subject to a mortgage from the 1970’s which was still on the title but could not be removed because the Lender no longer existed. 

A leasehold flat that had been altered by the owners without obtaining planning and building regulations or Landlord’s consent. 

These are just a limited selection of issues that might arise in the conveyancing process which if not addressed can lead to future issues.